Volunteers Needed for VITA

Have time on your hands? Want to make a difference? Well, you can beat the winter blahs while helping out right in your own community!

         United Way has a proud history of providing a free tax preparation service that helps those who are in a lower income tax bracket. Families’ making less than $60,000 are eligible.

         To offer this service, workers are needed to serve as greeters and preparers. Last year we served just under 400 returns. You will be helping single moms trying to make ends meet, elderly couples applying for Homestead Credit, people that are working two to three jobs and still trying to pay their rent, etc.

         For those who are not looking to make a long-term commitment, this is a great way to volunteer and get work experience on a short-term basis. Workers are only committing to a 3-month time period. Plus, a volunteer can choose how many hours they are available and are willing to work.


The tax software guides you through the process as preparers. Training is available. We have spectacular mentors that will help you through the process as preparers are required to pass the IRS on-line test. Spectacular mentors!


Don't feel ready to do returns? Volunteer greeters are also needed. Greeters welcome people to the tax site, assist them in filling out an intake questionnaire and help to organize the documents needed for their tax preparation. VITA tax sites are located in Shawano, Gillett, Pulaski, and Keshena. Contact Linda Olson at 715-201-9712 or Shawanovita@gmail.com to get started or for more information


               Volunteering at a VITA site may be a great way to learn new skills, acquire tax knowledge, meet new friends, free tax service, and strengthen the community. Linda makes a great cup of tea! Join us!